Heartbreak Airbnb

by Scott Sandwich

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Two track EP, full of joy, for you.
Just because.


released February 14, 2017

Produced by Tom Hogan
Vocals on 'Heartbreak Airbnb' by Julia Johnson
Mastered by Michael Lynch
Cover art "Cowboy" by Hannah Marjorie Crofts



all rights reserved


Scott Sandwich Sydney, Australia

Scott Sandwich is a performer and musician, telling stories about dates, death and the apocalypse.

He envisages a world where academic approaches to poetry can live peacefully alongside horrific puns and fart jokes. Hand in hand, in fact. Perhaps even in love.
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Track Name: Scott Sandwich (feat. Julia Johnson) - Heartbreak Airbnb
If you were gonna ask me...
(And you didn't, I know, but this is the first line of the song, so just go with me on this one)
If you were gonna ask me
I would say I'm the kind of person who believed that if I wanted to stop that wedding
I would run and do it now
But I've just found out that I'm not that kind of person.

If you were gonna ask me...
(And you didn't, again)
I'd say it doesn't matter what people think of you
But that's not quite true, is it?
It's kinda like I know you should love everyone but you often come across dickheads who do not want, need or deserve your love
… So do not give it to them

And if you ask me...
(It's okay, I'm used to it now)
I'd say everyone has a right to be heard
Everyone has a voice
But I'm spending mine telling you this
Which so far means nothing
And is going nowhere
And I'm wasting it
And I'm wasting you

Since my baby left me, I found a new screen down the bottom of my browser
Heartbreak Airbnb

So what if I tell what I think is true?
True to me.
But what do I know?

I know a bakery without bread in it is just a room
I know a spoon is just a tiny bowl with a stick on the end
I know death is coming but maybe I'm too young or idealistic to take it seriously
I know there's a thin line between being passionate and being intense
and sometimes I'm both
even if I think I’m just joking
I know love takes two
but it still kinda counts if only one of you feels it
I know I can be happy just knowing that she's happy
And I know that doesn't mean everyone is happy
but if I'm certain about one person, at least
then that's a pretty good start

Since my baby left me, I found a new screen down the bottom of my browser
Heartbreak Airbnb

I guess what I mean is...
I know that winning isn't everything
I know I didn't say anything new
I know I didn't say anything that rhymed
I know I won't win
I know I won't mind
But I know I performed kind of well
And I hope you kinda liked it
But what do I know?
I dunno.
... That's what I think anyway.